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Fire marshal courses Essex – Fire Service standards with low costs

Fire marshal courses Essexfire marshal courses Essex

Our fire marshal courses Essex programmes were first run by us for the Essex Fire Service. We also helped run the Essex commercial training team and held many fire training courses for them.

So what’s in our fire marshal course?

Firstly, our courses are approved by a national fire industry body and three hours long. Therefore persons who finish the course get a training certificate.

The courses include fire safety law, recent fires and also case histories. Next, we look at the classes of fire and in addition, the best fire extinguishers for each  fire. We then look at the role of a fire marshal. This includes non emergency duties such as fire drills, hazard spotting and also fire safety checks. Finally we look at fire emergency plans, evacuating persons from a building and accounting methods. This session also includes plans for disabled persons. We will also send you a training booklet with all of the information on the course in it.

This course will help your staff with their role and perform it easily. In addition, our training will help managers meet  legal fire duties for fire training and fire plans.

Our trainers

Our team have all worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership and also for many fire service training departments. In addition, our team  have also held senior positions in the fire service. This includes the fire safety, emergency planning, fire safety audit team and also as real fire fighters. These skills and experience  allow us to help you pass any fire service audit.

Booking a fire marshal course

To book a fire marshal course either call our local team on 01206 549589 or send us an email. We will give you available training dates and also our low costs.

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Fire marshal courses in London – Everything you will need to know!

Fire marshal courses in Londonfire marshal courses in London

Our fire marshal courses in London can book up quite quickly, so here is everything you need to know about us and our training.

First of all, you can be assured of great training. All of our courses are accredited and we are also an approved IFSM training centre. In addition, our courses are based on government fire booklets and British Standards. We also include advice from London Fire Brigade to help you comply with fire safety law.

Since we do not limit the numbers attending in house courses, we are very popular. However, we do limit the numbers attending any outside practical session to less than twenty persons. This is so we can maintain a safe environment for your staff. If you would rather have more persons have hands on extinguisher training, we can provide multiple sessions.

Our trainers have all worked as senior personnel or trainers in the fire service. This provides us with a great insight to what fire inspectors look for during an audit. Consequently, our courses have been tailored to help you comply with the law but to do so with minimum cost.

Our training team will provide certificates of attendance for all of those who complete the training. We can also send online booklets about your workplace to assist further learning.

How to book our fire marshal training

Try to book as early as you can because our diary does fill up quite quickly. We ask that you call us on 0207 419 5001 or send us an email. We will provide you with available dates so you can pick your preference. Our team will also send a booking email asking or information.  Provide us with the information and your course is booked!!

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Fire marshal training London in house programmes

Fire marshal training London in house programmesfire marshal training London

So today we carried out a great fire marshal training London programme for a fashion group. The course was attended by five fire marshals and also the Responsible Person for company.

The company takes fire safety seriously and recently also asked us to provide a fire risk assessment for their building. We noted there were no “out of hours fire” procedures during the assessment and hence asked for a new procedure during the training. The manager was aware of the issue but had not put in a new plan.

Managers should note all of the findings of a fire risk assessment and act on them as soon as possible. While a fire service visit just after an FRA inspection is unlikely it is possible. Managers must be able to show that they working through any points raised and therefore improve fire safety.

The course today was one a number carried out since the business was started three years ago. Even in this short time, staff have changed, hence the need for new fire marshals on a regular basis. Todays course also included ensuring who had responsibility in a multi-tenanted building. Some tests are carried out by the Landlord and  others by the manager of the workplace.

Our team can provide an adapted fire marshal course for your team. Either call us or email for more details.

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Fire marshal course London – last few places – book your place now!

Fire marshal course London – last few places

Our fire marshal course London programme is filling fast, so managers must book now to secure a place on this course. The course will be held on 14th September 2016 from 10.00 – 13.00. The course venue is at Stratford Circus Arts Centre which is less than 300 metres from the tube station. Stratford can be reached by either the Central or Jubilee lines.

This course also includes a practical fire extinguisher session. Therefore, your staff can tackle small fires with a fire extinguisher. We use a fire training rig and also our fire extinguishers.

So what will your staff learn on this course?

First of all, we discuss reasons for training and fire safety law. This provides an overview of fire risk assessment and emergency plans and consequently the need for fire marshals. Also we look at the classes and types of fire and fire extinguishers and practical exercise.

Next we look at the role of fire marshals including non emergency roles and also what happens when a fire alarm operates. The programme also looks at fire drills, maintenance checks, hazard spotting, accounting for persons and disabled plans. You can either view the fire marshal course London syllabus on this link or speak to one of our team.

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Fire marshal training costs

Fire marshal training costs

So what are the fire marshal training costs a manager can expect to pay? This depends whether they have either in house training or send staff on open courses.

If you want to pay less for an in house course select a non practical course for just £345+VAT. Any number of persons can attend for the same fee. If you would rather have a course with a fire extinguisher practical costs are £545+VAT. The fee is higher because we have two staff and use materials during the training.

Managers can also pay less if they are able to send staff to an open course. Our fee for an approved course is just £75+VAT per person. This maybe cheaper than our team attending your site. If you have less than eight persons on the course the total fee will be cheaper.

This article refers to fire marshal training fees in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. If you are based further afield, we will probably have to charge a small transport fee and overnight costs.

Also, remember that we do offer fire marshal training in many types of workplace. This includes approved care home fire training including evacuation advice, therefore, this will pass as a fire marshal training session. Previous clients have had our care home fire training course praised by CQC for its content.

We also offer fire marshal training workplace courses for construction sites, hotels, schools, factories, theatres and many other places.

Contact us for details

For fire marshal training in Essex either call 01206 549589 or email . We have good availability for fire marshal courses Essex programmes and therefore can deliver courses at late notice.

Managers can discuss course costs in other areas by either sending your details or calling our team.

For details of the fire marshal training costs either call or email us for a no obligation quote.



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Fire marshal training in London – Here are the options!

Fire marshal training in London

Managers looking for fire marshal training in London will find a full choice of trainers and suppliers. These range from small business, large national suppliers and fire brigades. Also, they are offer courses from one day, four hour, three hour and shorter sessions. Therefore, there will be a multitude of prices and fees.

Our fire marshal training in London programmes and in house courses are all approved by a leading fire industry body. Open courses are available for those training small numbers of staff and in house courses for larger groups.  Furthermore, as an approved centre, we can make small changes to an in house course and add your evacuation plans. Therefore an in house tailored course and training would still be an accredited course.

Only a few suppliers of fire marshal training provide extinguishers and practical training to their courses. We have an extinguisher training rig, so can offer live fire training. Managers will need to ensure that the practical area is safe and we can advise about this.

Always consider whether the course content meets your needs. Here is a quick look at our course:

  • Fire law.
  • Classes and types of fire.
  • Fire extinguishers and how to identify them.
  • Non emergency roles including fire drills and hazard spotting.
  • Emergency duties including fire emergency plans and accounting for persons.
  • Fire precautions maintenance and checking.
  • Procedures for disabled persons and those with reduced mobility
  • General evacuation advice and open forum.

More advice about fire training

There is a lot of advice about fire training and courses. This is available in government booklets and on fire service websites.

Managers can get more details by either phone, email or clicking this fire marshal course link.

Our team can supply references from other customers regarding our fire training courses.


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What does a fire warden and fire marshal do all day?

So, what does a fire warden and fire marshal do all day?

We were asked this question at a recent fire warden course! So, we asked the fire training course attendees what they thought and these are their answers:

  • They did their normal day job!
  • They would do a check of the area they work for hazards and availability of escape routes.
  • Checking that fire escape routes and fire exit doors are available and open.
  • Looking for problems and issues that might start a fire or hinder staff evacuation.
  • Checking fire safety measures such as fire alarm call points, fire extinguishers and fire doors in the building are not obstructed or interfered with.
  • Talking through fire safety issues to new persons and new starters in their area.
  • Making sure that the emergency lighting worked and fire alarm is heard when the building has its weekly test.
  • Taking part in fire drills as a fire warden or as an observer.
  • Carrying out there fire warden role and implementing the fire evacuation plan in the event of a fire alarm operating

We thought the course delegates produced the perfect fire marshal list and gave them an extra tea break! How do you think they did?

Our fire training courses

Our fire training courses can be delivered at your workplace or at one of our venues. Your staff can also attend one of our open London courses and dates are advertised on our Fire Training London website. We can also provide a discount for large numbers of staff attending an open course.

All of regular and workplace specific courses are accredited and furthermore our attendees receive a training certificate. They also get online course materials that support the programme lessons.

For fire training courses for your premises either call us now on 0207 419 5001 or email now.

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