Fire Extinguisher Course

In house fire extinguisher courses from £345 + vat or open course spaces from £60 + vat per person

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  • Introduction to the fire extinguisher course.
  • Fire safety in the workplace.
  • Classes and types of fire.
  • Types of  extinguisher.
  • Checking and maintenance of extinguishers.
  • Siting of fire extinguishers.
  • Safety advice when using fire extinguishers.
  • Extinguisher practical session (optional).

 Fire extinguisher courses in London

Call us for our next open fire extinguisher courses and in house extinguisher training in London.

For training in London go to:

Our fire extinguisher training London programmes can include an outside fire extinguisher session if you have the right space. We know that lots of managers want live fire training but do not have the right area in their workplace, so we have an idea for you! Your staff can come on one of our open fire extinguisher courses London or you can also  hire the  venue after one of our open courses. Therefore we can train twenty staff using live fires and also our extinguishers. Either call us or email us for more details.

Off site fire extinguisher training London sessions

If your staff need fire extinguisher and you also want live fire training, we have the answer for you! We run open courses each month but also make the afternoon session to organisations need live off site fire extinguisher courses in London. Our afternoon session are popular, so you will need to book this a month or so in advance to secure your off site fire training date. Either call or email us for more details.


Extinguisher courses in Essex

We run extinguisher courses in Essex with or without practical sessions. If you want a practical session, we can run a venue that will allow us to carry out training with real fires. Our off site venue fees can be from as little as £60 per half day, so why not call us for further details.

Our fire extinguisher courses Essex programme includes fire law, common causes of fire and case histories. It also looks at classes and types of fire. In addition, we look at all types of fire extinguisher and there practical use. Our practical session use a fire training rig, water, foam and CO2 extinguishers. We can also demonstrate and use fire blankets if required.

Our fire trainers have all worked for Essex Fire Service and also the Fire Service Safety Partnership. Therefore we provide fire service style training for a fraction of their costs. Our fire extinguisher training Essex programmes are approved courses, consequently your staff will get a training certificate and online training notes. This fire extinguisher courses Essex session will satisfy any staff fire training record inspections carried out by Essex Fire Service inspecting officers.

We have recently provided fire extinguisher courses Essex in Colchester, Chelmsford, Witham, Braintree, Saffron Walden, Southend, Brentwood, Grays and also Upminster. If you need in house fire extinguisher courses in Essex either call our team now on 01206 549589 or send us an email.

Ask about our off site venues which you can  hire for classroom and live fire extinguisher training. A small fee applies which goes to charity, so you get to help a local community good cause as well as having great training.

Extinguisher courses in Suffolk

We can provide on-site fire extinguisher training and also fire marshal courses for your staff. Our training courses can include a practical extinguisher session and up to twenty persons can take part. This course uses an a practical fire extinguisher rig and also our extinguishers if required.

Some of our team previously worked in partnership with Suffolk Fire Service delivering fire extinguisher training in Suffolk. We still use the same base course, so your staff will get Fire Service style training for a lot less. Our team does not place a limit of staff numbers on fire extinguisher training Suffolk courses.

Recent fire extinguisher courses in Suffolk were held in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Lowestoft, Creeting, Hadleigh, Sudbury and also Holbrook. For more about our fire extinguisher training courses either call us or email us now.

Extinguisher courses in Cambridge

We can provide on-site fire training in Cambridge.

Our training team run fire extinguisher training Cambridge and Cambridgeshire courses. We have recently trained hospital staff, university staff, office staff and also building site workers. Some of our team have run fire training in Cambridge for a fire service training company. We run the same course for a lot less money!

Your staff can practice putting out small fires with our training rig. We also use our fire extinguishers so you do not have to use your own!

For fire extinguisher courses Cambridge either call our team or send us an email.

Extinguisher courses in Kent

Our team supply fire extinguisher training in Kent and also fire marshal training.

We run great fire extinguisher training Kent sessions and have worked in Whitstable, Canterbury, Bexley and also Margate. For more about fire extinguisher courses Kent sessions either call our team or send us an email.

Extinguisher courses in Surrey

We can run on site fire extinguisher training Surrey programmes. In house courses can be for any number of persons and can include a live fire training session. We use a fire training rig and our own fire extinguishers so your staff can practice tackling small fires.

We have recently provided in house fire extinguisher training in Chessington, Leatherhead, Cheam, Sutton, Woking and Epsom. For more details of our on site fire extinguisher training either call or email us for a quote.

Frequently asked questions

Do all of my staff need extinguisher training?

Yes, all staff need fire training and also fire drills.

In addition to induction training, staff and volunteers should receive fire training at regular intervals. Consequently, training should include the location and use of fire extinguishers in the premises. Finally, there is no requirement for a practical firefighting session to be carried out.

You can contact our team for further information either by phone or by email.

We need a extinguisher course, so can you provide on-site fire extinguisher training in London?

Yes our team can deliver fire extinguisher courses in London and can also carry out a live fire session. Furthermore, we are an approved fire training supplier.

We use a training rig and also bring fire extinguishers for your staff. Please limit the numbers on a practical course to twenty persons.

So how often should I train my staff in the use of fire extinguishers?

How often training is carried out will dpend on the type of workplace and also the level of risk.

Therefore the findings of your fire risk assessment will help you decide how often training is carried out. Consequently, some organisations may need more frequent fire training than others if they are high risk.

Fire extinguisher training every 12 months would be good practice for most organisations, so call us now!

We want a practical fire extinguisher session, so is this something you can do?.

Yes,we do provide real fire extinguisher training using our rig and also our fire extinguishers.

About ten persons will have hands on fire extinguisher training. So, if you have two sessions we train up to twenty persons on live fires.

If you need more information either call our trainers or email us.

Do my staff receive a certificate of attendance and course materials?

Persons on the course will receive a certificate of attendance and training notes for your type of workplace. Furthermore, we are an approved centre, so you can be sure of high quality training. We can also provide a group training certificate for your fire log book.

Our open extinguisher training courses include a practical exercise so staff will find this part very useful.

For more information about our training courses either call or email us.

How many people can I put on an extinguisher course if it is held at my site?

Since you can place as many staff as you wish on your in house extinguisher training course, we are great value for money!

If you have a practical fire extinguisher course session, we limit the number of persons putting out fires to ten persons.

Either call us now or send an email for more information.

I do not have space for a practical session. Can I have fire extinguisher training without a hands on fire fighting session?

Yes you can have a course without a live fire session, since there is no legal duty for live training.

We are based on a third floor of abuilding. We cannot have live fire extinguisher training. So what can we do?

There is not a legal duty to have live training.

So here is whay you can do:

a) Come to one of our open courses, using our training rig and also extinguishers.
b) Ask us to run on-site extinguisher training in your office without a practical.
c) You may hire our venue in Stratford so we can provide a practical session.

Do our staff get a certificate on your extinguisher courses?

Yes all persons will get a training certificate and also online training notes.

We can also give a fire extinguisher training certificate for your fire log book.

We want live fire training so what do we need to have a real fire training session?

You will need an area outside that is about five car parking spaces. The area must also be on your premises. It should not be seen from a road and also the public cannot get near it. It should be away from combustible, flammable materials and air intakes. The area must be on flat hard ground.

Our training team will carry out a risk assessment of your the area before the training session.

Do you provide fire extinguisher training in Essex? We want a course at our building.

Yes, we do provide on site fire extinguisher courses Essex and it can also include an a real fire session. Either call or email our team for more details and dates.

You can have more than one fire extinguisher training Essex session per day.

We have many persons that need fire extinguisher training in Essex, so what are our options?

We can run up to four sessions during a day, so many persons can be trained.

Since we are an approved centre, all persons taking part will receive an attendance certificate. Furthermore, we give you online training notes.

In addition to great training, we also offer fire risk assessments. We can carry out your assessment and then tell staff what we have found. As a result, you can add value to your course for no extra cost.

We provide in house fire extinguisher courses in Essex. Alternatively, you can hire one of our venue.

Our business is a new company. We are quite small and need fire extinguishers and training in Cambridgeshire.

Our company does not supply fire extinguishers, but we do know reliable companies that do. We can then provide fire training for you once you have them

If you are a new company you will need to carry out a fire risk assessment. The findings should be in writing if you have five or more employees. Our staff can train your staff and carry out a fire risk assessment for you in one day.

We have carried out extinguisher training in Cambridgeshire for universities, offices, hotels, hotels and factories so can help you meet your legal duties.

Do you provide fire extinguisher training Surrey programmes?

Yes. We do provide fire extinguisher training Surrey programmes. Our courses are accredited fire training with the IFSM, a fire industry body.

We can deliver one or mulitple courses and your staff can tackle simulated bin,tray and also electrical fires.

How can I book fire extinguisher training Suffolk courses?

Booking fire extinguisher training Suffolk courses is so easy. Either call us or email us with a selection of dates. If you give us a few weeks notice we should be able to provide your your preferred date.

We send an email asking for some organisation details. As soon as we have your details we will confirm your course date.

We will bring all of our equipment and usually arrive one hour before the course is due to start. All we need is a suitable room and also an outside space if you require a live fire session.

Fire extinguisher courses Essex - What are our options?

Fire extinguisher courses Essex - What are our options?

Fire extinguisher courses Essex – Here are the options!

We provide on site and off site fire extinguisher courses Essex programmes. We can also include a live fire training exercise too. So if you want your staff to tackle small fires, look no further than us!

Our 1.5 hour fire extinguisher courses Essex programmes are approved by a national fire safety body. Furthermore, this course was originally designed and delivered by us for Essex Fire Service! This means you get fire service style training for a fraction of the cost!

Fire extinguisher courses Essex content

First of all, we look at common causes of fire and fire safety law. Next we look at the different classes of fire and also where these are most likely to start in your workplace. Lastly, we look at the fire extinguishers in your workplace. In addition, if you have booked a practical session, your staff can fight small fires while being looked after by our trainers.

How to book fire extinguisher courses Essex sessions

Booking a course with us is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date we will ask for your details and also agree our terms. Once you have given us your details and agreed our terms, your course will be confirmed!

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