Fire safety in care homes

fire safety in care homesFire safety in care homes

Fire safety in care homes

Fire safety in care homes is vital to protect vulnerable persons, service users and also staff and visitors.

This week our team trained three companies that ran care homes or buildings for vulnerable persons. As regular users of our fire safety in care homes courses and also fire risk assessment clients, each has a good fire safety standard.

Our courses highlight the need for well trained staff who all had the chance of live fire training and also taking part in a fire drill.

Staff in care homes need to know the contents of their fire emergency plan and should also understand some basic fire safety issues. This includes:

  • The dangers posed by overloading extension leads and also the use of block adaptors
  • Why fire doors are so important
  • Understanding different types of fire and also which is the best extinguisher for each type of fire
  • The common causes of fires in care homes
  • Fully understand their role when a fire alarm operates and in addition when to implement evacuation procedures
  • Simple fire prevention measures such as cleaning tumble dryer vents

Our care home fire training courses include fire law, common causes of fire, fire extinguishers, stages of fires, different types of evacuation in care homes, when to implement evacuation and also how to maintain personal safety. As an approved course we can alter the course content to include your specific plans and also site risks.

How fire safety in care homes courses

Booking a fire training course with us is so easy! Either email or phone us with your preferred training dates. Once we have agreed a date we will send our booking email and also ask you to agree our terms and conditions. Once we have heard from you, your fire training course is booked. Our trainer will call a few days before the course to discuss arrival times and room layouts. Yes – it really is that easy, so why not call us now!


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Fire marshal training courses London

fire marshal training courses LondonFire marshal training courses London

Fire marshal training courses London – Does yours include your fire plans?

Do your fire marshal training courses London sessions include your fire plans? Does it also include fire drills and live fire training?

Fire marshal training courses London sessions should be your place of work. However, if your staff come to one of our open courses any training, persons must look at their in house fire emergency plans after the training.

Our in house fire training  has the following benefits:

  • Accredited fire training.
  • We are also an approved fire training centre.
  • 3 hour courses that can also include live fire training and fire drills.
  • Includes fire emergency plans so your staff know what they are expected to do when the alarm sounds.
  • Persons all get certificates and also online training notes after the course.
  • Former fire service trainers.
  • Fully insured.

How many people can come on an in house course?

Managers may place any number of persons on their in house course. We need a room large enough for all of the attendees, a white wall or screen and also keep the trainer happy with a few cups of coffee!

If you decide to have live fire training we do not an outside space. We limit the numbers outside to twenty persons so we can keep every one safe. All persons can the opportunity of putting out a small fire with our extinguishers.

How to book fire marshal training courses London

Booking an in house course with us is easy! Either call us or send us an email with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a time and date, we will ask for some of your details and also agree our terms if you are a new customer. Once we have your details, your in house course is booked. Our trainers will call you a couple of days before the course to arrange arrival times and also room set up.

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Is your fire training site specific?

Site specific fire trainingfire training

Is your fire training site specific?

Is your fire training site specific? All employees require fire training and government guidance details what they will need to know. Many organisations do not train there staff in the correct way, so why not follow our simple guide.

Most managers know that a fire risk assessment of the workplace is a legal requirement. Many others also know that they need a fire emergency plan. A fire emergency plan details the fire safety arrangements of the workplace and also includes any fire evacuation plans they have in place.

Fire emergency plan

The fire emergency plan should cover the following issues:

  • Action on discovery of a fire – This will detail the action to be taken on discovering small and also large fires.
  • Warning if there is a fire – This means the details of the fire alarm system, how it operates, what it sounds like and also what staff should do when they hear it.
  • Arrangements for calling the Fire Brigade. This includes who calls them and also when. Staff show be aware of the policy that fire services have dealing with automatic fire alarms. Many fire services have different policies, so make sure you find out which one your local fire service operates.
  • Evacuation plans – All staff must know what to do when the fire alarm operates and also who will put the plans into place.
  • Power and process isolation. Some workplaces will need to shut down machinery if the fire alarm operates.
  • Assembly points – Where it is and also, is there a secondary point if the first is not available.
  • Liaison with the Fire Service – Which member of your staff meets the fire service and where?
  • Identification of key escape routes – This is easily sorted by placing floor plans next to each fire action notice.
  • Fire fighting equipment – Details of your fire extinguishers. This should also include systems in server rooms, kitchens etc.
  • Details of persons with responsibilities in the fire plan ie fire marshals.
  • Details of fire training for fire marshals, all staff, evacuation buddies, temporary staff etc.
  • Provision of information to other persons – Making sure other tenants and neighbours know about your fire plans etc.

Staff fire training

Staff fire training should be based on the plan above. It is so simple! Make a plan and then tell your staff what is in it and also don’t forget to carry out fire drills.

Many companies like to include live fire extinguisher training and our teams can provide this at your site or at our venue if you do have outside space. Either email us or call us for more details.

So how often should fire training be carried out? This will depend on the level of risk in the building. A good fire risk assessor will be able to help you decide how often your staff need fire training.

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10th May fire marshal course filling up fast

fire marshal courseFire marshal course London

Our fire marshal course to be held in London on 10th May 2017 is filling up fast! With three companies taking block bookings, this course is nearly full so book now for a place. Our popular fire marshal course programme always fill up, but our May course is nearly full.

Why do our courses fill so quickly? We have many repeat clients and also those that prepay to reserve places. We have just 6 places left and these will go soon.

Many other clients opt for in house fire marshal courses. We do not place a limit on numbers attending in house classroom based sessions. We limit numbers taking part in live fire training to twenty persons.

All of our fire courses are approved and accredited by the IFSM, a national fire body for fire managers. Persons on this course will each get a certificate and online fire training notes. We can also send your organisation a certificate for your company fire log and record.

All of our trainers have worked as commercial fire instructors with the fire service. The tea have all held training, emergency planning and workplace fire safety roles, as well as being operational fire fighters! If you have a question about fire safety – they will know the answer!

Our fire marshal courses are all based on government, fire service and British Standard advice. Act on what you are taught and your company will comply with fire law in respect of fire plans and trained fire wardens.

How to book a fire marshal course

Booking a fire marshal course with us is so easy. First pick either a open or in house course. Either email or call us for availability. Once we have agreed a date we will send a booking email. Once you have sent your details and agreed out terms, your course is booked!


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Off site fire training

Off site fire trainingoff site fire training

If you need off site fire training for your staff, we can provide suitable venues. The training we provide can also be supplemented with a live fire extinguisher session.

Each month we run open fire marshal training London and open fire extinguisher training London sessions. Your team can hire our venue for a tailored training session for your staff. You can place up to 100 persons on the course. If you want practical training we limit the numbers to twenty for safety reasons.

Fire marshal courses can be tailored to include your plans and also any specific risks in your workplace. Fire extinguisher courses can also include the type of extinguishers you have in your workplace. Therefore your staff can practice tackling small fires while being supported by our trainers.

Our courses are accredited training sessions. We are also an approved fire training centre for the IFSM.

How to book off site fire training

To book an off site fire training course either call or email our team now. If you want to book an afternoon slot at London venue you will need to book a month or so in advance to secure your preferred dates.

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Fire marshal training Essex costs

Fire marshal training Essex costsfire marshal training Essex costs

Our fire marshal training Essex costs programme can provide training for less than £10 per person. We provide in house courses in Essex and since managers can share courses and costs, this can be a cheap solution.

Our course fees are from £345+vat per three hour approved fire marshal course. We recently undertook an in house course that was shared with three organisations. This meant each party got training for just £115 each. So how can you do this too? We will need one point of contact who can work with all of those needing training. Remember, our fee is for unlimited numbers attending so you can place as many people as you wish on the course.

Fire marshal training Essex costs – What is the course content?

We originally provided this course for Essex Fire Service industrial fire training team! Since then we have improved the course and it is now an accredited fire marshal course. It will meet any standards for fire marshal training required by inspecting officers.

The syllabus includes fire law, common causes of fire, case histories, extinguishers, fire drills, accounting for persons, evacuation method, disabled fire plans and also fire emergency plans.

We can add a live fire extinguisher training session too. For a little extra, your staff can practice putting out small fires with our fire rig and extinguishers.

Fire marshal training Essex costs – How to book

Booking an in house fire marshal course is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred training date. We will ask for some details and when you have provided them we will confirm your in house fire marshal training course. We will also ask you to agree our terms and conditions which we will send to you.

Once you have booked the course will send an invoice. We will also call you a day or so before your training to confirm our arrival details.

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School fire training

School fire trainingschool fire training

Its the start of the school year so it must be time for school fire training!

We have just carried out six  school fire training sessions as children go back to from their summer holidays. If your team want fire training you must book early because inset days often book up to six months in advance.

Our team understand that you will be having other training during an inset day. Therefore we are flexible and can fit it to your training schedule.

So what will your fire training include?

Our approved courses can be adapted to include your school fire plans and can also include a live fire extinguisher session. This gives staff confidence so the can use an extinguisher should a fire start at your school.

The course is delivered in four sessions. Firstly, we look at fire safety law and why you need school fire training. We then take a look at the different types of fires and also the best extinguishers to put them out. Next we look at non emergency issues such as checks, tests and also fire drills. Finally we look at the action to be taken when a fire occurs in your building. We will also look at the other times you will require fire plans for. Since many schools are used for other activities such as breakfast clubs, evening classes and after school clubs, managers must ensure they have procedures for these activities too.

Our team has carried out hundred of school fire sessions. For more information either call us or email us.

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