Fire training in Herts

Fire training in Hertsfire training in Herts

Our team can provide fire training in Herts in your building or also any other venue. We are an approved fire training centre and our training includes fire marshal and also fire extinguisher courses. We also often provide hotel fire training, school fire training and care home fire training courses.

All of our courses are three hours long and can also include live fire extinguisher training. You may place any number of staff on your in house course, so this gives great value.

As an approved fire training centre we have been assessed by a national fire body. Our courses are marked as high standard with approved content. All course content is based on government notes, British Standards and published fire service advice.

So why pick us for your fire training in Herts?

There are a number of reasons to pick us! So here are a few:

  • We provide accredited courses and can also include your fire plans
  • All of staff are ex fire service and also have all worked as trainers for the fire service safety partnership
  • Our courses based on government and fire service published advice
  • We have an environmental policy
  • We can provide excellent references and also insurance details
  • Our courses can be delivered at any time of the day to assist your work practices

Sometimes seeing a list id not quite enough for you to decide who to pick! So why not call us for a chat and see how we can help. However, we are also contactable by email, so do get in touch if you need more details.

How to book our teams

Email us with your preferred dates and we will check our diary. We normally book about six weeks in advance so do give us plenty of notice. We will ask you for some company details and once we have them we will your fire training in Herts programme!



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School fire training Essex

School fire training Essexschool fire training Essex

Our school fire training Essex programmes can be adapted to include your school fire safety plans. We recognise that all schools are different, so you will have individual plans in an emergency. In addition, many schools hire their facilities to other organisations. They will therefore need plans for all types of events. Since our courses include these issues, we can provide the tools to meet your legal duties.

As an approved fire training centre, we provide accredited fire training schools courses. Our course follows a base syllabus so if we include your fire plans, your fire training will still have approved status. This means that all persons on the course will get a certificate of attendance and on line course materials.

This course is based on government guidance, British Standards recommendations and fire service advice. The government booklet for educational premises looks at all types of teaching premises. We have produced versions of the school training course to suit nurseries, primary and secondary schools and also colleges!

Staff school training can be difficult to arrange during your normal working day, so we offer these options:

  • Inset days –  Since these are very popular you must book a few months in advance to get your preferred date.
  • Twilight session – We can provide after school day courses and also adapt the course to suit your timescales.
  • Multi sessions in a school day. Our team can also provide small mini sessions during your school day  if inset and twilight courses are not convenient.

How to book your course

You can book a course in Essex by either calling 01206 549589 or sending us an email. Ask for your preferred dates and we will give you our availability. We do have a few fire training teams so will probably be able to help you! You can add live fire extinguisher training if you want all staff to tackle small fires. However, because we using live fire, we do limit numbers of persons on practical sessions.

We have recently carried out training and fire safety services in schools in Essex. These include schools in Clacton, Colchester, Witham, Brentwood, Upminster, Southend, Braintree, Chelmsford, Harlow, Grays, Loughton and also Saffron Walden.

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Fire marshal courses Essex – How can we help?

Fire marshal courses Essexfire marshal courses

This week we carried out two fire marshal courses Essex programmes, so here are the options if you need training too!

We can carry out training at either your site or one of your choice. Also, we provide practical fire extinguisher sessions so your staff can tackle real fires. If you do not have a suitable outside space, you may rather have your course at one of our sites.

If you are based in South or South West Essex, why not attend one of our open fire marshal courses in London. These courses are held every month and also include a practical session.


Our trainers have all worked as fire service instructors and furthermore worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership. Our courses are fire service quality but cost much less!

After completing the training, attendees receive an IFSM certificate. They will also be sent on line course materials to support their training.

As our team have all worked for the fire service as senior officers, we are able to offer a unique insight to fire safety. We can ensure that your training, fire emergency plans and also fire risk assessments will meet fire service inspection standards.

For more information, either call or email us now!

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Workplace fire training sessions – What you should include!

Workplace fire training content

Managers can plan workplace fire training sessions by using their evacuation plan and also fire emergency plan content.

So what does this include? Government guidance details staff training content for different workplace so persons arranging training should follow this guide:

  • Action on discovery of a fire (How to operate the alarm, action for small fires and also larger fires).
  • Warning if there is a fire (Details of the fire alarm and also what to do when it operates).
  • How to call the fire brigade.
  • Evacuation of the building at all times.
  • How to shut off machines and processes.
  • The assembly point and whether it is a roll call or sweep accounting method.
  • Who meets the fire service and where?
  • Where are the escape routes and also how to open fire exits.
  • How to use fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment.
  • Who has responsibilities in the event of a fire?
  • What training will be given and how will get it?
  • Provision of information to relevant persons such as staff, other tenants and neighbours

Our workplace fire training courses

Some of our fire training courses include fire emergency plan content and can also be adapted to include clients own procedures. For more details either call our team or send us an email.

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Fire marshal course London – last few places – book your place now!

Fire marshal course London – last few places

Our fire marshal course London programme is filling fast, so managers must book now to secure a place on this course. The course will be held on 14th September 2016 from 10.00 – 13.00. The course venue is at Stratford Circus Arts Centre which is less than 300 metres from the tube station. Stratford can be reached by either the Central or Jubilee lines.

This course also includes a practical fire extinguisher session. Therefore, your staff can tackle small fires with a fire extinguisher. We use a fire training rig and also our fire extinguishers.

So what will your staff learn on this course?

First of all, we discuss reasons for training and fire safety law. This provides an overview of fire risk assessment and emergency plans and consequently the need for fire marshals. Also we look at the classes and types of fire and fire extinguishers and practical exercise.

Next we look at the role of fire marshals including non emergency roles and also what happens when a fire alarm operates. The programme also looks at fire drills, maintenance checks, hazard spotting, accounting for persons and disabled plans. You can either view the fire marshal course London syllabus on this link or speak to one of our team.

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Fire marshal training costs

Fire marshal training costs

So what are the fire marshal training costs a manager can expect to pay? This depends whether they have either in house training or send staff on open courses.

If you want to pay less for an in house course select a non practical course for just £345+VAT. Any number of persons can attend for the same fee. If you would rather have a course with a fire extinguisher practical costs are £545+VAT. The fee is higher because we have two staff and use materials during the training.

Managers can also pay less if they are able to send staff to an open course. Our fee for an approved course is just £75+VAT per person. This maybe cheaper than our team attending your site. If you have less than eight persons on the course the total fee will be cheaper.

This article refers to fire marshal training fees in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. If you are based further afield, we will probably have to charge a small transport fee and overnight costs.

Also, remember that we do offer fire marshal training in many types of workplace. This includes approved care home fire training including evacuation advice, therefore, this will pass as a fire marshal training session. Previous clients have had our care home fire training course praised by CQC for its content.

We also offer fire marshal training workplace courses for construction sites, hotels, schools, factories, theatres and many other places.

Contact us for details

For fire marshal training in Essex either call 01206 549589 or email . We have good availability for fire marshal courses Essex programmes and therefore can deliver courses at late notice.

Managers can discuss course costs in other areas by either sending your details or calling our team.

For details of the fire marshal training costs either call or email us for a no obligation quote.



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Fire marshal training in London – Here are the options!

Fire marshal training in London

Managers looking for fire marshal training in London will find a full choice of trainers and suppliers. These range from small business, large national suppliers and fire brigades. Also, they are offer courses from one day, four hour, three hour and shorter sessions. Therefore, there will be a multitude of prices and fees.

Our fire marshal training in London programmes and in house courses are all approved by a leading fire industry body. Open courses are available for those training small numbers of staff and in house courses for larger groups.  Furthermore, as an approved centre, we can make small changes to an in house course and add your evacuation plans. Therefore an in house tailored course and training would still be an accredited course.

Only a few suppliers of fire marshal training provide extinguishers and practical training to their courses. We have an extinguisher training rig, so can offer live fire training. Managers will need to ensure that the practical area is safe and we can advise about this.

Always consider whether the course content meets your needs. Here is a quick look at our course:

  • Fire law.
  • Classes and types of fire.
  • Fire extinguishers and how to identify them.
  • Non emergency roles including fire drills and hazard spotting.
  • Emergency duties including fire emergency plans and accounting for persons.
  • Fire precautions maintenance and checking.
  • Procedures for disabled persons and those with reduced mobility
  • General evacuation advice and open forum.

More advice about fire training

There is a lot of advice about fire training and courses. This is available in government booklets and on fire service websites.

Managers can get more details by either phone, email or clicking this fire marshal course link.

Our team can supply references from other customers regarding our fire training courses.


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Fire training course post -Who needs fire training in care homes?

Care home fire training

Because residential care homes are a high fire risk, this post will look at care home fire training. Since London Fire Brigade reported ten care home fires each week, we have had many calls from managers.

Care homes care for  vulnerable persons, therefore must have good fire plans and correct staff fire training. Common questions to us include:

  • So, how often should our fire training course be?
  • Who should be trained and also what should the training include?
  • Do we need to have live fire extinguisher training and also do you provide it?

The simple answer is fire training is based on risk? If the building is a high risk building, therefore the training should be more often than other workplaces. If a plan involves moving a high number of elderly persons more not less people will put the plan in place. Finally, there is no requirement for live fire training but some hands on fire extinguisher training may be useful to staff.

Care homes use delayed evacuation, progressive horizontal evacuation, vertical evacuation and sometimes full evacuation of occupants. With a large number of persons in a care home, all staff will have a role in the evacuation plan.

Most care homes have annual fire training and also regular fire drills. It is also important for different training for early and late shifts. Since there are many staff on in the day and only a small number at the night, staff will need different procedures.

Our residential care home fire training course

Fire training  content info is in Government guidance for  Care Homes. It includes: fire fighting equipment, fire evacuation plans, types of evacuation, looking for hazards and ensuring that fire safety measures are correct.

Fire Training Course .com provides approved training and look at stages of fires and what action should be taken. This three hour course will help all staff work quickly and efficiently when a fire occurs.

Go to our residential care home fire training page now for more details of this course. Managers can also get more info by either calling or sending an email.

Lastly, remember that our training can include hands on training. This includes live fires, drills and looking at the fire safety features in the building. Our trainers can also show how to move occupants from danger quickly using simple slings and equipment. Book your care home fire training course with us now!

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Fire safety training post – How frequently should staff receive fire training?

Fire safety training

Government guidance does not detail the frequency  of fire safety training, refresher training or fire drills.

The frequency of fire training will depend on the level of risk in a workplace. In a building with high risk, training should occur more often than premises which are low risk. For example, a large building with dangerous chemicals and many staff would have more complex plans and training than a single storey building with ten employees.

A good fire risk assessor will be able to provide guidance on how often staff have fire training. For example:

  • A large care home may have annual fire training.
  • A high risk chemical plant should have at least annual training.
  • A small building and low staff numbers could have fire training every two or three years.

So what should an organisations staff fire training cover? Government guidance booklets provide good advice and recommend that the fire emergency plan should be covered.

This will include:

  • Action on discovery of a fire.
  • Action on hearing the fire alarm.
  • Arrangements for calling the fire brigade.
  • Fire fighting equipment provided.
  • Evacuation plans including those particularly at risk.
    • Disabled fire procedures.
    • Procedures for those working in remote areas.
    • Procedures for persons working alone.
    • Plans out of office hours.
    • Regular hour fire procedures.
  • Location of escape routes.
  • Persons with specific responsibilities in the fire evacuation plan
  • Location of assembly points.
  • Frequency of training.

General staff fire training

We provide accredited fire safety courses and these can be provided at your workplace or at one of our venues. We also run open courses in London and you can send staff for basic fire safety training.

Each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance and online fire safety booklet links. For details of this course go to our General staff fire training page.

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Should we tell our staff we are going to have a fire drill?

Fire drill advice

This fire drill question was asked at a fire training course in London we held recently. One attendee had noticed the difference in published information. Details that differ in British Standard and government guidance booklets.

British Standards states:

“Test evacuations should be notified only to those persons who have designated responsibilities, to make the evacuations as realistic as possible”.

All of the government guidance booklets (premises specific) detail the following:

“The health and safety risks of surprise drills may outweigh the benefits gained”

Which organisation is right? British Standards or the Government!  Responsible persons should note both British Standards and government guidance booklets are advice and not law.

Fire service advice?

Many fire services take the view that notice should be given to all staff before a fire drill. Here is why:

  • Government guidance suggests that you should.
  • There may be safety issues of not telling staff.
  • There may be a better response and evacuation when the alarm sounds for a real fire
  • It allows sufficient time to brief fire drill observers and to provide them with instructions on what to look for (government guidance good practice).
  • Allows a manager to select a member of staff to operate the fire alarm call point with a test key. This action will determine staff knowledge of fire alarm call point positions and other fire safety measures.
  • Staff and visitors can secure valuables prior to the fire drill.
  • Ensure staff can secure any equipment and important data before the fire drill.
  • Provide for better staff and organisation  planning

Our fire training courses

Managers can find more details of fire drills, fire marshal training courses by calling us or email.

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