Fire warden training Essex

Fire warden training Essexfire warden training Essex

Our fire warden training Essex programmes are available as in house and also off site courses. In addition, our fire warden training Essex programmes can include a live fire training session. Your in house course is for a one off fee, so you can have as many staff attend as you wish. Alternatively, off site course can also include a live fire training session. Call our team for more details.

Fire wardens have a vital fire safety role in any workplace or building. This course provides approved content, so will equipment your staff to perform their role effectively. The programme looks at fire law, common causes of fire, fire extinguishers, fire drills, hazard spotting, safety checks, evacuation and accounting for persons and also disabled fire plans.

This training programme is provided by an approved fire training centre. Since our team have worked as senior Essex fire officers, your staff can be assured of great training. On completion of the course, fire wardens receive a training certificate and also on line course notes.

How to book a fire warden training Essex programme

You can book a fire warden training Essex programme by either calling us or sending an email. We will ask for details from you and once this has been received we will confirm your training date.

We will ask for your address, invoice details, purchase orders and also ask you to agree our terms. It is as simple as that so why not call us now!

Further information about this training course

This is an accredited fire training course. It is three hours in duration and can also include live fire extinguisher training using our rig and fire extinguishers.

We have recently delivered fire warden courses in Clacton, Colchester, Witham, Braintree, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Southend-on-sea, Harlow, Grays, Saffron Walden and also Loughton.

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Fire training Cambridge – What we can offer!

Fire training Cambridgefire training Cambridge

After a number of fire training Cambridge requests this week, we thought it would be worth telling you more about what we do!

We have run fire training Cambridge sessions for over seven years. In addition, we also provided fire training for the Fire Service Safety Partnership in Cambridge before leaving the fire service.

So what do we offer? Our main courses include fire marshal courses, fire warden training and also fire extinguisher training. We also provide workplace specific fire training and provide training for offices, factories, care homes, schools, colleges and healthcare premises. In addition, we provide fire marshal and induction training for building sites.

As an approved fire training centre, we run accredited training courses. So what does this mean? All of our programmes follow a base syllabus. We can include your actual plans and procedures and delete our general sections looking at these issues. Therefore your course still follows the accredited programme. This means that your staff will receive a certificate and online training booklets from a national recognised body.

Our in house courses in Cambridge are from just £345+vat and you can send as many persons on the course as you wish for this fee. Maybe you want to add an a live fire extinguisher session so your staff can tackle small fires. Yes we can offer that too, using an LPG training rig and our water, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

How to book your fire training Cambridge sessions

Our fire training courses are easy to book! Either call us or send us an email with your preferred dates. We will provide you with our availability  and then ask for some company or organisation details. Once you have given us your details we will confirm your course.

Since we are popular you may need to plan in advance. School fire training or inset days can book four months in advance. Care home fire training can be delivered in morning afternoon and twilight sessions. We will need to carry out construction site fire training in daylights areas as sites are usually higher risk.

If you need more information or want to find out more about us, either call or email us now!

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Fire warden courses London – Approved training

Fire warden courses London – approved trainingfire warden courses London

Our fire warden courses London programmes are approved fire training courses so your staff will get great advice. As an approved centre we have base courses and therefore these can be changed to include your fire plans. In addition your in house fire warden courses London programmes will still be accredited. All persons receive a training certificate and also get on line training notes.

The fire warden course has four sessions and these include: fire law, causes of fire and also recent fires. In addition, we talk about types of fire and fire extinguishers and can also include a live fire training session. Next we look at non emergency duties such as hazard spotting, fire safety checks and also drills. Finally, we look at emergency duties including evacuating and accounting persons. We also look at disabled fire procedures during this session.

Will this course make us compliant?

By law managers must have plans to get persons out of a building in the event of a fire. They must also the right number of trained persons to put the plan into place. Therefore this course, along with regular fire drills in your building will help you meet your legal duties. However, you must also train all other staff too. This course includes details of fire emergency plans and this is the what all staff must know! Some workplaces ask fire marshals to train all other staff after attending this course!

How to book this course

This course can be booked as an in house fire warden courses London programme or also as individual places on a fire marshal course. Either call our team or send us an email for available training dates. We will ask for information to complete your booking. Once we have got your details your course or places will be confirmed.

Call now to book the best fire warden training in London

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Fire warden courses London – What will you learn?

Fire warden courses London

Because, 0ur fire warden courses London programme has been approved by a national fire industry body, your staff can be assured of great training.

This three hour programme is in four sections and can also include a practical fire extinguisher session. So what will your staff learn?

First of all our team will find out everything about your fire safety practices. They will then discuss reasons for fire wardens and also for prearranged plans and procedures. Next we will look at the different classes and types of fire.

The role of the fire warden is discussed in two parts; Non emergency duties and also what to do when a fire alarm operates in the building. Since all workplaces are different, we will talk about the various roles you may be asked to perform.

Finally, this course can be adapted to include your own plans if you have them. For more details of fire warden training London programmes view the fire warden course link.



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