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Fire warden training in London

Fire warden training in Londonfire warden training in London

Our fire warden training in London programme includes open and also in house fire warden training.

This three hour approved course is ideal for fire wardens to carry out their role safely and in addition, assist with fire safety checks and maintenance.

The fire warden training in London programme is split into four parts. Firstly, we discuss fire law, common causes of fire and also some case histories. Next we look at types of fire and also all extinguishers. After a short break we look at the role of fire wardens. Since this job is not just an emergency role, we look at regular tasks that fire wardens carry out. The fire warden role includes regular duties such as hazard spotting, safety checks and fire drills. Finally we look at the emergency role and look at evacuating buildings, accounting for persons and also disabled evacuation plans.

We can include a live fire training session so your staff can tackle some small fires. All we need is an outside safe area that meets outside space rules. We use a safe LPG fire training rig and also we supply the fire extinguishers!

All persons on this course will get a training certificate and in addition online fire training notes about their place of work.

How to book fire warden training in London

Booking fire training with us is so easy. You can either call or email us with your preferred training dates. Once we have agreed a date, we will ask for some information. We will ask for the service delivery address (if it is an in house fire warden training course), an invoice address, the names of attendees and also that you agree our terms and conditions. Once we have your details and you have agreed our terms, your course is booked.

Our trainer will call a day or so before the course date to discuss room layout and arrival times. We are certain you will find our training courses enjoyable and supply your staff with all the information they need to carry out their fire safety role.



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Fire marshal training London restaurants

Fire marshal training London restaurantsfire marshal training London restaurants

Our fire marshal training London restaurants courses are ideal for all staff working in restaurants, cafes and also other catering premises.

Our courses are available as open sessions and also as in house fire marshal training London restaurants programmes. We can tailor in house training to include your fire plans and types of fire extinguishers. Therefore the training will help staff to know exactly what to do in case of fire.

So what will your staff learn on an in house course? Since we document the course programme on many of our posts, here are a few issues we could talk about on your in house course:

  • What to do if a fire occurs in the kitchen area. This is the most common type of fire in restaurants so must be included.
  • Evacuation plans for multi storey restaurants and also single floor premises.
  • Disabled evacuation plans including seating and means of escape.
  • Fire marshal daily checks – Before service, during service and also after service periods.
  • Hazard spotting in your workplace
  • Your ideal assembly point and also evacuate to disperse considerations
  • Dealing with awkward customers when a fire alarm operates – What should your staff do?

When can also include live fire training if you have a suitable outside space, so can show your staff how to use wet chemical fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

How to book fire marshal training London restaurants courses

Booking our fire training courses is so easy. Either email us or call us with your preferred dates. Once we have agreed a training date we will reserve this for you for five working days. We will ask for some details and also that you agree our terms and conditions. Once you have provided us with the info we need, your course is booked!

Our trainers will call you a day or so before the course to arrange our arrival time. Remember, we can provide training early or at regular times. Today we have offered training for a well known restaurant in Covent Garden from 0800-1100. Pre service fire training so it doesn’t interfere with your working day!

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Fire marshal training London options

Fire marshal training optionsFire marshal training London

Our fire marshal training London options

We provide fire marshal training London courses in different ways. Our team runs open courses every month, but can also offer in house or off site courses. These course are accredited and also an ideal way of giving easy to understand information to your staff.

Our approved course is three hours long but in house courses can be shortened if this suits your business needs. We can also make some changes to in house courses and include your fire plans and cover risks in your place of work.

Open courses are held every month in Stratford, East London. These courses include a live fire training session so your staff can tackle small fires while being looked after by our trainers.

In house and off site courses can be held as morning, afternoon or evening sessions. We also provide training at weekends for those who cannot have week day training.

Why pick us for your fire marshal training London courses?

All of our trainers have previously delivered this course for the fire service. So, your staff will get approved fire service style training for a fraction of their costs.

As an approved course, it has been judged by a panel of fire safety experts. It is considered to be of sufficient quality and content to be awarded an IFSM accreditation badge. This means your staff can be sure of great training and also learn about their fire safety role.

The course is based on government notes, fire service advice and also British Standard recommendations. If we then add your fire plans and fire risk photos this be the best fire marshal training your staff have ever had!

If you need more information, either call us or email us and we will be happy to talk about your fire training needs.


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So what fire extinguisher type do you need in your building?

Fire extinguisher type – the best extinguishers for your buildingfire extinguisher type

We look at the best fire extinguisher type for your workplace

So what is the best fire extinguisher type for your place of work. You will need different types depending on the risk in the building. Places of work must have at least one general purpose fire extinguisher for each 200 sq metres of floor space and also other types of extinguisher for other risks.

A general purpose fire extinguisher type is either a water or also a foam extinguisher. 3 litre general purpose fire extinguishers will put out 13A size fires. This means that the extinguisher is capable of putting out a fire 1.3metres x 1.3 metres x 1.2 metres of a Class A type fire. 3 Litre foam extinguishers with this rating should also put out a fire size 144B (1.44 metres in diameter liquid fuel fire).

So what other types of fire extinguisher are needed? Managers must thin about the other risks in a place of work. For an example an office will have computers and heaters etc so CO2 extinguishers should be in the area. 2 KG CO2 extinguishers are best for offices etc. 5 KG CO2 extinguishers are for use in factories and similar places of work. Workplaces with kitchens or who provide commercial cooking may need a Wet Chemical extinguisher if Class F materials (cooking oils) are used. Dry Powder extinguishers are sometimes found in boiler rooms but are not generally suitable for fighting fires indoors.

Fire extinguisher type example

Here is an example of what extinguishers a building would need. So fir instance, a three floor building with 700 sq metres of floor space per floor would need four general purpose fire extinguishers. They could be water or foam or also a mix of the two types. In addition, they would need carbon dioxide extinguishers if there was offices in the premises. They may consider a dry powder extinguisher for a boiler room.

For more information about fire extinguisher type in you place of work or fire extinguisher training contact us. Either email or call and we will try to help you.

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