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Fire training Cambridge – What we can offer!

Fire training Cambridgefire training Cambridge

After a number of fire training Cambridge requests this week, we thought it would be worth telling you more about what we do!

We have run fire training Cambridge sessions for over seven years. In addition, we also provided fire training for the Fire Service Safety Partnership in Cambridge before leaving the fire service.

So what do we offer? Our main courses include fire marshal courses, fire warden training and also fire extinguisher training. We also provide workplace specific fire training and provide training for offices, factories, care homes, schools, colleges and healthcare premises. In addition, we provide fire marshal and induction training for building sites.

As an approved fire training centre, we run accredited training courses. So what does this mean? All of our programmes follow a base syllabus. We can include your actual plans and procedures and delete our general sections looking at these issues. Therefore your course still follows the accredited programme. This means that your staff will receive a certificate and online training booklets from a national recognised body.

Our in house courses in Cambridge are from just £345+vat and you can send as many persons on the course as you wish for this fee. Maybe you want to add an a live fire extinguisher session so your staff can tackle small fires. Yes we can offer that too, using an LPG training rig and our water, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

How to book your fire training Cambridge sessions

Our fire training courses are easy to book! Either call us or send us an email with your preferred dates. We will provide you with our availability  and then ask for some company or organisation details. Once you have given us your details we will confirm your course.

Since we are popular you may need to plan in advance. School fire training or inset days can book four months in advance. Care home fire training can be delivered in morning afternoon and twilight sessions. We will need to carry out construction site fire training in daylights areas as sites are usually higher risk.

If you need more information or want to find out more about us, either call or email us now!

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Care home fire training – What are the options?

Care home fire trainingCare home fire training

Proper care home fire training together with fire drills will help keep  persons safe in the event of a fire. It is essential that staff know what to do and also start fire plans immediately.

Fire training for care home staff needs to match the risk and circumstances in their building. In this article we look at the various options for managers when selecting fire training.

General fire marshal training is not suitable for care home staff. Most fire marshal courses promote general evacuation and not delayed and progressive evacuation which is employed in most care homes.

In house care home fire training is possibly one of the best options since this can include your care home plans. Our care home fire training is an approved course and is based on government and fire service advice. It is also includes some British Standards advice. Furthermore, it can include fire drills to support any classroom training. Finally, this course can include live fire extinguisher training too!

Online care home training should be selected carefully. Only pick online training that is based on UK government guidance. Fire training must mirror what happens in the workplace and should not just be a tick box exercise! Remember, the fire service may check the type of fire training and its content.

Site specific online care home fire training is a new and innovative idea. This type of training is web based and allows staff to complete an online course. The online course is based on individual care homes and includes their procedures, risk spotting and also safety checks in the staffs care home. This option sounds expensive but as many staff from that home can use the training course for the same fee and therefore can be one of the cheaper options overall.

How to book our courses

Managers can book our training by either calling us or sending us an email. We will provide you with available dates and options for fire training.

For more details of online care home fire training call our office now!

We have recently provided care home fire training in London, Essex. Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Surrey and also Kent. Most recent courses provided in Kenley, Colchester, Southend, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Brentwood, Ipswich, Braintree and also Saffron Walden.


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Fire warden courses London – Approved training

Fire warden courses London – approved trainingfire warden courses London

Our fire warden courses London programmes are approved fire training courses so your staff will get great advice. As an approved centre we have base courses and therefore these can be changed to include your fire plans. In addition your in house fire warden courses London programmes will still be accredited. All persons receive a training certificate and also get on line training notes.

The fire warden course has four sessions and these include: fire law, causes of fire and also recent fires. In addition, we talk about types of fire and fire extinguishers and can also include a live fire training session. Next we look at non emergency duties such as hazard spotting, fire safety checks and also drills. Finally, we look at emergency duties including evacuating and accounting persons. We also look at disabled fire procedures during this session.

Will this course make us compliant?

By law managers must have plans to get persons out of a building in the event of a fire. They must also the right number of trained persons to put the plan into place. Therefore this course, along with regular fire drills in your building will help you meet your legal duties. However, you must also train all other staff too. This course includes details of fire emergency plans and this is the what all staff must know! Some workplaces ask fire marshals to train all other staff after attending this course!

How to book this course

This course can be booked as an in house fire warden courses London programme or also as individual places on a fire marshal course. Either call our team or send us an email for available training dates. We will ask for information to complete your booking. Once we have got your details your course or places will be confirmed.

Call now to book the best fire warden training in London

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School fire training Essex

School fire training Essexschool fire training Essex

Our school fire training Essex programmes can be adapted to include your school fire safety plans. We recognise that all schools are different, so you will have individual plans in an emergency. In addition, many schools hire their facilities to other organisations. They will therefore need plans for all types of events. Since our courses include these issues, we can provide the tools to meet your legal duties.

As an approved fire training centre, we provide accredited fire training schools courses. Our course follows a base syllabus so if we include your fire plans, your fire training will still have approved status. This means that all persons on the course will get a certificate of attendance and on line course materials.

This course is based on government guidance, British Standards recommendations and fire service advice. The government booklet for educational premises looks at all types of teaching premises. We have produced versions of the school training course to suit nurseries, primary and secondary schools and also colleges!

Staff school training can be difficult to arrange during your normal working day, so we offer these options:

  • Inset days –  Since these are very popular you must book a few months in advance to get your preferred date.
  • Twilight session – We can provide after school day courses and also adapt the course to suit your timescales.
  • Multi sessions in a school day. Our team can also provide small mini sessions during your school day  if inset and twilight courses are not convenient.

How to book your course

You can book a course in Essex by either calling 01206 549589 or sending us an email. Ask for your preferred dates and we will give you our availability. We do have a few fire training teams so will probably be able to help you! You can add live fire extinguisher training if you want all staff to tackle small fires. However, because we using live fire, we do limit numbers of persons on practical sessions.

We have recently carried out training and fire safety services in schools in Essex. These include schools in Clacton, Colchester, Witham, Brentwood, Upminster, Southend, Braintree, Chelmsford, Harlow, Grays, Loughton and also Saffron Walden.

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Fire marshal courses in Essex

Fire marshal courses in Essexfire marshal courses Essex

So if you need fire marshal courses in Essex,we are the team for you. We provide in house fire marshal courses in Essex that have been approved by a national fire safety body. Training should be based on your fire emergency plan, so we can advise you if your plan needs additional content. Therefore this can easily be added to your on-site course.

Our three hour courses can be changed to include your fire plans and also include any photos taken during your fire risk assessment. This will help teach your staff fire safety in their work area and help reduce fires! The courses have also been adapted for different types of workplace. These include offices, factories, schools, hotels, residential care homes and also construction sites.

The course includes fire safety law and common causes of fire. We also look at all types of fire and  extinguishers. In addition, we look at non emergency roles including fire drills, checking fire safety precautions and tests. Finally, we look at the role of fire marshals  when there is a fire in the building. We also discuss different ways of evacuating and accounting for persons including those with disabilities.

You may place any number of persons on your course for our one low cost fee. You can also add an a practical fire extinguisher session.

How to book a course

Either send us an email or call us to book your course. We will give you alternative dates and also our lowest quote guarantee. We will ask for company details, your address and order numbers. Once we have this information we will confirm your course!

Recent fire marshal training in Essex

We have recently run fire marshal courses in Colchester, Chelmsford, Southend, Harlow, Grays, Clacton, Braintree, Maldon, Brentwood and Witham

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Fire marshal courses London – What type of training do you want?

Fire marshal courses Londonfire marshal courses London

Fire marshal courses London programmes are offered by many fire trainers and also other training companies. So what fire training do you need? You can choose between either fire trainers or general suppliers.

This is why we think we provide great fire training:

Firstly, we are an approved fire training centre. So this means we have passed a national fire industry review. In addition, our courses have also been reviewed and passed the same tests.

We are also ex-fire service officers. Our team have worked in roles such as fire safety inspectors, emergency planning, commercial fire training and also as real fire fighters. This  blend of skills will help us provide first rate fire training.

Our team has delivered thousands of  courses and also carried out hundreds of fire  assessments. This mix of know how will help us work out the best fire procedures for your building.

Our fire marshal courses London programmes can be as either an in house course or on open training courses. The courses can also include a live fire extinguisher session using our fire extinguishers.

We are able to provide great references from  clients and also provide insurance details if needed.

Finally, we believe if you talk to us about fire safety and compare us to general trainers, our fire safety knowledge will be evident.

How to book our fire courses

You can book fire marshal courses London by either phone or email. We will give you our next dates and may ask to see your fire plans. Remember, all attendees will get a fire training certificate and also on line training booklets.

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Fire marshal courses Essex – Fire Service standards with low costs

Fire marshal courses Essexfire marshal courses Essex

Our fire marshal courses Essex programmes were first run by us for the Essex Fire Service. We also helped run the Essex commercial training team and held many fire training courses for them.

So what’s in our fire marshal course?

Firstly, our courses are approved by a national fire industry body and three hours long. Therefore persons who finish the course get a training certificate.

The courses include fire safety law, recent fires and also case histories. Next, we look at the classes of fire and in addition, the best fire extinguishers for each  fire. We then look at the role of a fire marshal. This includes non emergency duties such as fire drills, hazard spotting and also fire safety checks. Finally we look at fire emergency plans, evacuating persons from a building and accounting methods. This session also includes plans for disabled persons. We will also send you a training booklet with all of the information on the course in it.

This course will help your staff with their role and perform it easily. In addition, our training will help managers meet  legal fire duties for fire training and fire plans.

Our trainers

Our team have all worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership and also for many fire service training departments. In addition, our team  have also held senior positions in the fire service. This includes the fire safety, emergency planning, fire safety audit team and also as real fire fighters. These skills and experience  allow us to help you pass any fire service audit.

Booking a fire marshal course

To book a fire marshal course either call our local team on 01206 549589 or send us an email. We will give you available training dates and also our low costs.

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New fire marshal course in London dates

fire marshal course in London

New fire marshal course in London datesfire marshal course in London

We have new fire marshal course in London dates for staff who need new and also marshal refresher training.

The courses will be held on 13th October and also 1st December 2016. Starting at 10.00 and finishing at 13.00 hours. Since this is an open course, it includes a practical fire extinguisher session. Persons on the course can tackle small fires or if they would rather just watch, well that’s OK too!

The venue will be at Stratford Circus Arts Centre which can be found by going to the precinct opposite Stratford tube station entrance.

In addition, this is an approved course, so persons attending can expect great training. The courses will include persons from different companies and also other groups. Course content will be fire safety law, recent fires and also why marshals need training. We will discuss types of fire and the best extinguishers to put them out. Furthermore, we will discuss the role of the fire marshal. This includes non-emergency issues like hazard spotting, maintenance checks and drills. We will also look at fire emergency plans, evacuation plans and accounting for persons in a building. After completing the course, all persons will receive a certificate.


For more details of this fire marshal course in London either phone on 0207 419 5001 or send us an email.


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Fire marshal courses in London – Everything you will need to know!

Fire marshal courses in Londonfire marshal courses in London

Our fire marshal courses in London can book up quite quickly, so here is everything you need to know about us and our training.

First of all, you can be assured of great training. All of our courses are accredited and we are also an approved IFSM training centre. In addition, our courses are based on government fire booklets and British Standards. We also include advice from London Fire Brigade to help you comply with fire safety law.

Since we do not limit the numbers attending in house courses, we are very popular. However, we do limit the numbers attending any outside practical session to less than twenty persons. This is so we can maintain a safe environment for your staff. If you would rather have more persons have hands on extinguisher training, we can provide multiple sessions.

Our trainers have all worked as senior personnel or trainers in the fire service. This provides us with a great insight to what fire inspectors look for during an audit. Consequently, our courses have been tailored to help you comply with the law but to do so with minimum cost.

Our training team will provide certificates of attendance for all of those who complete the training. We can also send online booklets about your workplace to assist further learning.

How to book our fire marshal training

Try to book as early as you can because our diary does fill up quite quickly. We ask that you call us on 0207 419 5001 or send us an email. We will provide you with available dates so you can pick your preference. Our team will also send a booking email asking or information.  Provide us with the information and your course is booked!!

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School fire training

School fire trainingschool fire training

Its the start of the school year so it must be time for school fire training!

We have just carried out six  school fire training sessions as children go back to from their summer holidays. If your team want fire training you must book early because inset days often book up to six months in advance.

Our team understand that you will be having other training during an inset day. Therefore we are flexible and can fit it to your training schedule.

So what will your fire training include?

Our approved courses can be adapted to include your school fire plans and can also include a live fire extinguisher session. This gives staff confidence so the can use an extinguisher should a fire start at your school.

The course is delivered in four sessions. Firstly, we look at fire safety law and why you need school fire training. We then take a look at the different types of fires and also the best extinguishers to put them out. Next we look at non emergency issues such as checks, tests and also fire drills. Finally we look at the action to be taken when a fire occurs in your building. We will also look at the other times you will require fire plans for. Since many schools are used for other activities such as breakfast clubs, evening classes and after school clubs, managers must ensure they have procedures for these activities too.

Our team has carried out hundred of school fire sessions. For more information either call us or email us.

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