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Welcome to firetrainingcourse.com

on Thursday, 11 July 2013.

Fire marshal courses,  fire warden training, fire extinguisher courses and fire safety training.

Fire Training Course .Com - premier fire training course providers throughout the Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent and London.

Fire Training Course . Com provides cost effective fire safety training courses and programmes for all staff. Programmes include: fire marshal courses , fire warden training, fire extinguisher courses,  general staff fire training, school fire training, hotel fire training courses and residential care home fire training at your site or at our fire training venues. Fire Training Course .Com  also provides high quality fire safety consultancy and PAS 79 fire risk assessments to ensure that your company or organisation complies with its legal obligations and requirements under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

Our fire safety trainers

Our team of fire safety trainers  are all ex fire service personnel with extensive fire training in workplaces and as fire service trainers, workplace safety and fire prevention expertise, fire emergency planning for large and small organisations and operational fire incident experience. The fire safety training courses they deliver all follow Government Guidance publications, Fire Service best practice advice and British Standards recommendations.

Fire risk assessments in workplaces and fire safety training for all staff are a legal requirement. If you are the "responsible person" for a building, an employer or a landlord you will have legal responsibilities. Ensure you are compliant with the Fire Safety Order 2005. Fire Training Course .Com provides top quality fire risk assessments, fire emergency plans and fire safety audits. We have assisted many companies and organisations by liaising with workplace fire safety officers in Essex, Suffolk and London to ensure the safety of client’s staff and buildings using the most cost effective means.

For cost effective fire safety solutions call Fire Training Course .Com now!

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You might also want to look at City Fire Training co.uk our sister website that sources fire warden training and other workplace programmes for organisations throughout the country. Recent courses and services include fire marshal courses for GP surgeries in Harlow, offices in Ipswich, offices in Chelmsford, factories in Southend fire training courses and fire risk assessments in London, Southend, Canvey, Colchester and provision of evacuation chairs, fire warden training in Cambridge, in house fire marshal course in Kent for a leading charity.

Why pick Fire Training Course .Com for your staff fire training in Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire and London?

There are lots of fire safety training companies throughout the home counties and London, so why pick us? Here are some of the reasons we think you should  use our fire safety training services:

 •Fire training courses based on Fire Service best practice advice for a fraction of the cost of Fire Service providers!
•Unlimited number of persons can attend your on-site fire training session or in house fire training course
•Fire marshal courses and fire warden training  include free handbook links, certificate of attendance
•Fire extinguisher courses  include free handbook links, certificate of attendance

In addition, we have adopted an environmentally sustainable training delivery policy - We use electronically downloadable materials and handbooks, we use environmentally friendly fire  extinguisher training rigs, we use travel by public transport whenever possible, we use eco-diesel engine vehicles whenever possible, we use recycled paper.

We will always try to beat a genuine like for like quotation for you in house fire training course.

To be trained by ex senior fire safety officers providing government guidance, fire service best practice advice and British Standard recommendations - call us now!!

Take a look at our fire marshal course page and look for any special offers. We provide special offers on all of our courses from time to time. If you spot one and wish to apply, send us an email and we will book you on our fire training courses  in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent and London.

Fire marshal courses and fire warden training

We have delivered fire training courses in Colchester, Clacton, Chelmsford, Harlow, Grays, Tilbury, Southend, Canvey, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Canterbury, Erith, East London, West London, North London, South London and the City for offices, factories, nurseries, schools, theatres, community care facilities, social housing organisations and more many more types of premises. Our environmentally sustainable ethos when delivering your staff fire training will support your organisations green agenda. Carry out your fire training with us! Available as on-site fire training course / in-house fire training courses or open seminars.

For more details of fire marshal courses , fire warden training, fire extinguisher courses , general staff fire training or any of our fire training courses , call us now on               0207 419 5001      or 01206 549589

Fire training courses

Frequently asked questions

How many fire marshals does my premises require? Fire marshal course enquiry

This will depend on the size and type of premises. Buildings such as hotels, schools, residential care homes will need more staff to assist with the evacuation plan than other types of premises.

As a rough guide, have one fire marshal or fire warden for every one minute of search time. Also elect a suitable number of deputy fire marshals in case the usual fire marshal is away from their work station, on holiday or sick.

Why not book on one of our fire marshal courses or book an on-site  fire marshal training session for your organisation.

What do our staff receive after they have attended a fire marshal course Essex or fire extinguisher training Essex programme?

All course attendees on fire warden training Essex, fire marshal courses Essex and other workplace specific courses will receive a certificate of attendance and a link to a fire safety handbook (or more links to handbooks if relevant) for their type of workplace.

Remember our course are based on government guidance and British Standard recommendations and fire service best practice.


We want our fire marshals to make a real difference. How can you help?

Everyone knows that well trained fire marshals can help evacuate persons quickly and safely in an emergency, but with the correct fire marshal training, fire marshals can help an organisation fulfil other statutory fire safety obligations. We can tailor to in house fire marshal training programmes to include mini fire safety audits and hazard spotting routines, assisting with updating fire emergency plans and fire evacuation procedures, helping with routine fire safety checks such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire doors etc and by helping to train new starters and temporary workers.

Our fire marshal courses are based on our previous experience as fire service trainers with the industrial training programme. The courses are based on a mixture of advice gained form government fire safety booklets, BS recommendations and fire service best practice advice.

I want a fire marshal course Essex. What do I need for on-site fire marshal training in Essex?

Our in house fire marshal courses Essex are very popular. We do not place any limit on numbers of persons on an in house  fire marshal training in Essex.  We just need a room big enough for the number of delegates we will be training. If you select a practical fire extinguisher training session then we need a space outside about 5-6 car park spaces, away from combustible or flammable materials, not visible from a main road and not accessible to the public. We will carry out a risk assessment on the day to ensure we can eliminate any other possible hazards etc.

How long does my fire marshal certificate last? Fire marshal course question

The frequency of fire marshal training is determined by the findings of your fire risk assessment and fire emergency plan. Government guidance and fire service best practice advocates refresher training every year but in some circumstances a case could be made to have refresher training every two years. For example: a small office where the fire marshals have been in place for a long period may not require such frequent training.

What is the difference between a fire marshal and a fire warden? Fire marshal course Suffolk question

There is no difference between fire marshals and fire wardens. They perform the same function - the safe evacuation of occupants of a building. Our fire marshal courses (or fire warden courses) will detail all fire marshals and fire wardens need to know about fire evacuation and accounting for person plus very much more.

Our on site fire marshal training and on site fire warden training is one of our most popular training courses. We place no limit on numbers attending in house fire marshal training / in house fire warden training courses.

How many people can attend an in house fire marshal courses London programme?

You may place any number of persons on your in house fire marshal course in London. If you decide to include a practical fire extinguisher session, we do recommend that the number does not exceed 20 persons for safety reasons.

Our fire marshal courses in London can be tailored to include specific plans and procedures.


We have premises all over the United Kingdom. Can you provide fire marshal courses Cambridgeshire and fire marshal courses Kent and other parts of the UK?

Yes. We provide fire training for companies and organisations around the country. we can ensure that there is a consistent standard across your organisation.

We are a company based in London. We want fire marshal training on-site in our London office and then general staff fire training for the rest of our staff. Can you provide this?

Yes. We can provide more than one type of in house fire training course in a day. We can offer in house fire marshal training in London in the morning and perhaps two general staff fire training courses for your staff in the afternoon.

 We are an education centre for older persons and have many service users that have mobility issues. Can we combine fire marshal training and evacuation chair training? (Enquiry for fire marshal training in Cambridge)

We provide many mixed subject courses and can easily include fire marshal courses and fire evacuation chair courses in one tailored programme. We recently carried our fire marshal and fire extinguisher training in Cambridge for a well known young persons hostel.

Our company is based in Kent. We need about 20 fire marshals trained  over a number of sessions. Can you help?

Yes we can provide in house fire warden training /on-site fire marshal courses in Seven Oaks at your premises. You can elect to carry out a number of half day sessions or if you have a shift system we can provide three x three hour sessions over your shift pattern. We can offer a similar service for fire extinguisher training in your Canterbury premises.

We previously had fire warden training from the Fire Service. This was very expensive and we want a cheaper option but comparable service. Can you supply this for our fire wardens?

Yes. We used to provide a range of fire training courses for a leading fire and rescue service. We now provide a new range of courses that is based on these principles but have added subjects and topics that add additional value to our clients and their staff. All of our attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and can receive our fire safety handbook by accessing our password protected webpage.

Our in house fire warden courses will help you satisfy your legal obligations under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

We are looking for fire training at our site in Essex. We have spoken to the fire service but they are so expensive. Can you help?

Yes. We provide a range of fire safety courses in Essex. These include fire marshal courses in Essex, in house fire warden training in Essex, Fire extinguisher training, school fire training in Essex, Residential care home fire training etc. Many of these courses were developed to assist Fire Service Safety Partnership when the stopped using uniformed fire officers to deliver their industrial fire training programme. Our company was asked to produce these courses and now offer them as part of a cost effective fire training solution. Check out more details on Fire Training in Essex page on our City Fire Training website

How frequently should my staff carry out fire extinguisher training and fire marshal training?

 This will depend on the findings of your fire risk assessment. In low risk premises / persons have been employed for many years you may decide to elect for less frequent training. For buildings or premises that are high risk or there is a high turnover of staff, fire training will need to be carried out more frequently.

Many organisations carry out fire training annually for fire marshals and slightly less frequently for all other general staff. Remember, all persons who have a role in the fire evacuation procedure also need additional training - for example : evacuation buddies, persons calling the fire brigade, person liaising with the fire brigade.

How many people can I put on my in house fire warden training course? Also - can we have other staff from other sites on this in house fire warden course?

 You may place as many staff as you wish on your in house fire warden training course. We just need a room large enough to accommodate all of the persons on the course plus a little extra space for our training equipment. If you elect for an extinguisher practical session and want all staff to take part in this exercise, we will charge extra for additional fire extinguishers used.

You can place staff from as many of your sites as you wish. Many of our clients provide training for their staff in this way. 


Can I use an online fire training resource?

Fire training should be based around an organisations fire emergency plan. An online fire training resource may provide some useful information but it will not be able to provide an information regarding specific issues in an organisations workplace.


Fire marshal courses and fire marshal training

Whats the difference between Fire Training Course .Com fire marshal courses and fire marshal training programmes?

We call all of  the courses held at our training centres our open Fire marshal courses  . If training sessions are held at your premises, then we call it fire marshal training or fire extinguisher training. Don't worry - we will ensure that if you book your fire training with us, we will keep you fully informed of venues, handouts, certificates. Joining instructions and any other course or training details you require.


Fire extinguisher courses and fire extinguisher training

Do all staff taking part in a practical fire extinguisher course or fire extinguisher training session get to use a fire extinguisher on a Fire training course?

Some of our courses include a practical fire extinguisher training session and some do not. If we provide fire extinguisher training at your premises we will give you the option of adding additional fire extinguishers during the practical sessions so all persons can practice putting out a fire. We recently carried out a training session where over 100 staff from a housing association were able to tackle small fires using our fire extinguishers and fire training rig. The total cost of the training came to less than £10 per person.

Remember our in-house fire extinguisher training sessions can be for any number of attendees. Our on-site fire extinguisher training are for unlimited numbers of delegates.


Fire extinguisher courses in  Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire and London

Do you have any further information about fire extinguishers that we can view before we attend the fire extinguisher course?

Yes - here is link to one of our sister fire training websites More information about fire extinguishers. You can also access further information regarding fire extinguishers by accessing  the Dept of Communities and Local Government website > fire safety . The select your type of workplace and download a free fire safety risk assessment guidance note.

You can also view our course before making an on-site booking. You may attend our open fire extinguisher course in London or Essex, or fire marshal course in London or Essex. If you book a full day course with us, we will refund your open course attendance fee (offer for one person only).


Fire marshal courses in Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire and London

Do you have information about fire marshal procedures and fire emergency plans that we can view before we attend the fire marshal courses ?

Yes - here is a link to one of our sister websites that will provide this information - fire emergency plans and fire safety guidance including fire marshal information.

We can also provide you with a link to our fire safety training course handbook providing you have settled our invoice in advance.


Fire training in Suffolk - fire training in Cambridge

Do you offer fire training courses in all parts of the country?

Yes. Our parent group City Fire Training Ltd trades under different styles. This website helps managers n Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire and London.

Although we do offer open courses periodically in cities in the UK, we also carry out many in-house fire marshal courses and on-site fire warden courses throughout the UK.

We also work with trusted partners in Scotland and Wales who can deliver our courses to the same high standards.


Fire warden courses in Kent

Our fire wardens do not understand the fire safety measures in the building. Can our fire warden course be adapted to include these issues?

Yes we can adapt your course to include these issues. We can carry out a tour of your building and highlight different fire safety features such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, automatic hold open devices, fire alarm call points, fire doors etc. We can also include any checks or maintenance of the fire safety measures. Whilst most fire wardens and fire marshals do not carry out these tests and checks, they may be required to assist or even carry out checks if key personnel are absent.


Fire warden courses in London

We have fire emergency plans, fire evacuation procedures, log books and other documents. Can this information be included in our fire warden course in London?

Yes we can include these items in your course and can even prepare new slides and items in our presentation to provide additional impact for your staff.

We also have other websites that deal exclusively with responsible persons and managers who are sourcing fire training in London. You can find our more by clicking these links:





Fire warden training Cambridgeshire

What is the difference between fire marshals and fire wardens? Also can you deliver fire warden courses in Huntingdon and will the course cover Cambridgeshire Fire Service guidance?

There is no difference between fire marshals and fire wardens. They both ensure that a building is evacuated safely and according to the organisations fire evacuation plan. Yes - we do deliver fire warden courses in Cambridgeshire.


Fire warden courses in London - fire warden courses in Suffolk


We have offices all around the United Kingdom and want fire marshal courses in London, fire marshal courses in Suffolk and fire marshal courses in Essex. Can you help?

We provide open fire marshal courses in London and can deliver fire warden courses at your site in London. We can also deliver on-site fire marshal courses in Essex as well as in house fire marshal training. We offer on-site fire marshal training in Suffolk.  

Fire marshal courses in Cambridge

Do you carry out fire drills during the fire marshal training at our site?


Yes - We can include a fire drill on an in house fire marshal course or on site fire marshal course.  We will need to adapt the timings of your in house fire warden training / on site fire warden training to include this. We will also carry out a debrief of the fire drill afterwards and prepare a report for you if required.


Other fire training companies
Are you another fire training company and want to enter a working partnership?

We have been asked by many fire training providers throughout the United Kingdom and especially in London if we can place their delegates on our open courses as they only offer on-site fire marshal training services. We are able to train other companies staff but will use our fire marshal training format which is based on government booklets, British Standard guidance and fire service best practice advice. Our open fire marshal courses usually include a practical fire extinguisher session and all delegates wishing to tackle small fires will be able to do so, subject to wearing appropriate footwear, health and safety considerations etc.

We can also provide in house fire training course and on site fire training courses on your behalf. Call us for more details.




Fire Marshal Course.

This course is suitable for all staff performing the role of fire marshal or fire warden.


Fire Extinguisher Course.

Suitable for all staff. Can include a practical firefighting session.


Fire safety for schools.

Suitable for all teachers, office andmaintenance staff. Government guidance based.


General staff fire training.

Suitable for all staff to help comply with Fire Safety Order 2005.


Care Home fire training.

Suitable for all persons working in residential care homes.


Fire safety for hotels.

Suitable for all managers, front house, cleaners, maintenance personnel etc. Government guidance based.

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